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Customer reviews for SpineDok Deluxe System

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SpineDok Deluxe System

SpineDok gives a comfortable, uplifting stretch with its unique network of curves provide a firm structure for safe, gradual, conditioning and pain relief for each of the three spinal regions. Resting on the patented system of curves will gently stretch, align and relax your entire back. Five minutes a day is all it takes to help to relieve back pain, loosen chronically tight muscles in neck and shoulder areas and develop better posture. It's also perfect to stretch and strengthen your back and improve their posture. SpineDok combines the top natural methods for pain and tension relief. Lying on the arch allows the forces of gravity to gently open up the vertebrae of the spine. When the apex of these asymmetrical curves is positioned around the area of the T4 vertebrate, it helps to open up, stretch and relax the upper back, shoulder and neck area. When the apex is placed under the users spine near the bottom of the rib cage, it relaxes, stretches and opens up the lower back.
Customer reviews for SpineDok Deluxe System
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