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Customer reviews for Baby B'Air Baby B'Air® Toddler Safety Vest

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Baby B'Air Baby B'Air® Toddler Safety Vest

This in-flight airplane safety vest secures your toddler to your lap belt to protect against the unexpected dangers of turbulence and to keep your child safely on your lap during flight. The vest is placed over your child's head and secured by adjustable under arm straps and a between-legs strap that buckles in front. After take-off, you attach your own seat belt directly to the back of the vest. Your child can be held, fed and even changed while you both remain securely fastened in the seat. You can read, eat or nap knowing your child cannot fall or pull from your arms. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Fits most children from 6 months to 2 years with a maximum weight of 40 pounds and a head measuring from 16 to 20 inches round. NOTE: The Baby B'Air is not a car seat, and due to current FAA legal restrictions, cannot be used during takeoff, taxi, and landing. For use only in an airplane during flight. Not to be used in a car.
Customer reviews for Baby B'Air® Toddler Safety Vest
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