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Customer reviews for Spice Bags (Set of 4)

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Spice Bags (Set of 4)

With these finely-woven muslin bags, you can spice up soups, stews, stocks, sauces and more. They're even handy for brewing cider, tea and coffee. Try bay leaves, rosemary, peppercorns and whole spice sprigs for flavoring stocks and stew or mulling spices for cider. Spice bags remove easily without a strainer. Bags also can be used for draining curds, straining juices or instead of jelly bags to strain cooked fruit. The drawstring closures allow you to easily fill spice bag, tie and remove from pot. For arts and crafts lovers, bags can be painted, stamped beaded and embroidered for sachets, potpourri, goodie bags and original packaging for handmade soaps and small gifts. Bags are even perfect for storing buttons, jewelry and game pieces. Hand wash. Made in the USA.
Customer reviews for Spice Bags (Set of 4)
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